Tara Tovar

Tara Tovar

About Tara Tovar and Body20 North Broomfield

Tara’s studio offers a fresh fitness approach with 20-minute electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) personal training sessions, as effective as 4-6 hours in the gym. Body20 Broomfield’s skilled coaches and personalized approach help members achieve results quickly. Tara highlights EMS benefits like fat reduction, muscle building, correcting imbalances, cellulite reduction, and back pain relief. Book a consultation today!

What is BODY20?

A personalized, technology-based workout experience that achieves results in just minutes per week.

Our electro-muscle stimulation (ems) technology creates up to 150 times more muscle contractions versus conventional training. Combined with our proprietary, personalized workout experience, achieve results in just 20 minutes that would require hours in a traditional gym.

Unleash your body’s potential.

By mimicking the electric pulses your brain sends to your muscles, our ems technology takes your brain out of working out. Body20 is low impact while delivering maximum results, no matter your fitness profile. We’re truly for every body.

Contact Details: 

(303) 381-1545

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